Class of 2021

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions for me, not gonna lie: school starting up and still pretty unsure about what we will all being doing as it changes everyday, photography business booming and trying to find time to schedule everyone in without overwhelming myself, signing up for my last year of my masters classes, and trying to enjoy the little time left I have of summer. Did I have a meltdown last week? Yes. Was I drinking coffee and watching a silly reality show while having a meltdown las week? Yes. Hey, we have all been there! The next day I was over it and had a more positive mindset!

So, here is a little bit about my personality: I want to do everything, be everywhere, see everyone, and beyond. Sometimes I overwhelm myself with the amount of things I want to do and the amount of emotional and physical capacity I have to give to all of those things. But the more I thought about the diversity I am going through this year and all the things I have going on right now, I took a step back (yes, after my meltdown, haha) and realized that I GET to do these things, whereas, like the seniors I have been shooting, their world looks a lot different these days.

I have been getting a ton of inquiries about senior sessions and I absolutely love them! I think that these students are amazing and their mindset is one to admire right now. If you have not talked to an upcoming senior, please do. I have asked these questions and here are the responses:

  1. Are you excited about this next school year? Yes and no. It will look completely different than anything in the past but we get to write our own story for what this year is gonna look like.
  2. Do you know where you are going to college/ do you want to play sports? No, I don't want to play sports but I am looking at staying somewhere in Iowa to be close to home.
  3. How did it feel to win a state tournament? Wow, it was amazing. We worked so hard to stay healthy and make the best possible decisions for our team to make it the whole way. We were all on board and it paid off in the end.
  4. What are you gonna do when you are not in school because of the hybrid model? I am going to be working and making money, working out to continue to get better for the upcoming sports seasons, and just enjoy the time off that they are giving us to focus on other things that we may not have gotten to focus on if we were full time in school.

Everyone is in the same boat and we can choose to have negative outlooks on what the rest of 2020 has bring, or we can help write the narrative of what is likely to be an epic story to tell one day: How I Became a Better Me Through the Pandemic. (P.S. I'm gonna copyright that book title so don't try and steal it!)

Thats all for now,